A mechanism to draw money from the communities who will benefit from a clean environment in order to fund the facilities that would bring it about — leveraging the emerging energy-backed-digital-currency and Tethered Money technologies.

 The biggest security issue with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, is because they are based on unproven intractability claimed by complexity algorithms, which could be effective against an adversary bound by our mathematical insight, and hence a bad choice for a serious (as opposed to marginal) foundation for the money of the future, which we aim for GreenFunding to be. Our foundation is unbound randomness.​​

The outcome

Greening the Finanacial system

Goldman Sacks

"by 2030, renewable sources could account for as much as half of world's elecricity production.....but technology innovation, falling costs and accelerating demand, are not the only drivers. Equally important is interest among growing base of investors who are drawn not only be sustainable growth opportunities, but also by financial innovation that make investing in renewables easier and more attractive" -----> excatly the purpose of the GreenCash/GreenFunding initiative.

Benefit to partnering Utilities

Partnering utilities will leverage public funding to help carry out the mission of building par capacity of clean and renewable energy. Not through siphoned taxes, but through willing public participation.   

Security Note

 Energy-backed-currency that acts as a  store of value, using clean renewable  electricity delivery assets, with long  term stability. The GreenFund can  hold economic value more effectively  than gold or debt backed currencies,  due to value stability and resistance to  devaluations and speculations, while  delivering more environmental and  social utilitarian value. 

 GreenCash 'minted' from GreenEnergy

              Renewable Energy 

                 Funding Initiative