Security Note

We believe that digital representation of value (or money) will have to emerge from today’s money the way paper money emerged from silver and gold coins (as opposed to bitcoin and alike).

We define it as a string of bits carrying both value and identity, and hence tetherable to any logical use constraint. 

The biggest security issue with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, is because they are based on unproven intractability claimed by complexity algorithms, which could be effective against an adversary bound by our mathematical insight, and hence a bad choice for a serious (as opposed to marginal) foundation for the money of the future, which we aim for GreenFunding to be. Our foundation is unbound randomness.

Tethered (Digital) Money is a string of  binary digits (0,1) that (i) has a determined value, (ii) has a well defined identity, and (iii) may be linked to a purpose, and optionally associated with its ownership history and any useful metadata. Being a bit string, tethered money stores easily and cheaply in even small places, is readily secured with the power of modern cryptography, and is easily traded, passed, moved via any electronic channel, at any resolution, and under any terms and conditions. It is centrally minted so it is governed by well defined, announced rules and procedures; it offers privacy to the extent compliant with the local prevailing law, and it offers traceability and accounting to the same extent.

The unique value for binary string and its tethering to a purpose is the basis for its service as a platform for the public to participate in the social drive for clean and renewable energy. The public, as explained, will face a compelling incentive to pay and get paid with such digital money claim checks, if you will, in lieu of nominal money.

Tethered money is secure, fast, scalable, manageable and it offers frictionless payment platform.  (Ref: “Tethered Money” Elsevier, 2015).


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