GreenCash 'minted' from GreenEnergy

              Renewable Energy 

                 Funding Initiative

Elaboration: GreebFunding beside being a global  initiative with high profitability prospective and high impact on promoting green reneable energy, will serve also as a use case to demonstrate the only available and feasible and most secured and legal Non-Speculative Digital Currency.  

 CNY, US Dollars, Euros, Gold, etc. minted as a digital string: crypto-storage, crypto-payment, from any digital source to any digital receptor. No account needed: a true electronic cash-equivalent: restricted anonymity per reulaory guidelines, versatility, convenience.

Payment is a means of communication: motivating people to serve you, acknowledging help, and being acknowledged for what you do for others. We use the reality of cyberspace to provide you with a means to pay and get paid intimately, conveniently, frictionless. Anywhere, anytime. You need not open an account in some financial institution; your money is not on the cloud, but on your phone, crypto secure, payment-ready. Unlike Monopoly money, or bitcoin money -- we are using the old money in a digital form. You can text it away, email it across the globe, and you can determine its terms of payment. You can crypto-specify that only you can use that money (like electronic travelers checks), you can give a storm victim money to fix his roof, and crypto-specify that only a roofer can redeem this money: preventing fraud and abuse. You can pay as you go, micro, even nano amounts, or continious payment, smooth rental, streamlined service. We offer new powerful security for your wealth, novel means for securitization and risk management.  Your move to cyberspace is not complete until your money moves along with you.

We are solving the challenge as expressed by the PBOC online magazine, 2016 Oct 31, 

Well, we are using the ONLY known digital currency technology that is not dependent on erosive encryption, is undefeatable against all known cyber threats, resisting future unknown attacks, immune against money laundering, fraud and misuse of the money. It is guaranteed because it is based on Two Layered Security (Physics and Cryptography), while the existing known solutions for digital currency are not based on true/pure randomness and therefore does not provide two layered security, like we offer.

And to the second point form the quote: the Tethered Money technology and the technology that is being used by us to mint the string of bits – enables (by choice of the issuer) – a controllable anonymous mechanism through technical means to achieve traceability under certain conditions, e.g. to trace money flow, and to keep ("fuse") the history of each coin – embedded in the coin itself and in parallel in the central bank books (or by choice also in a distributed ledger, if they wish (unlikely) to use the blockchain, for that matter). Moreover: The digital coin could be fused with another string that specifies the terms of redemption, terms of use etc. ("Tethered Money"). 

Main differentiation of GreenFunding in comparison to all existing and proposed solutions:

* GreenFunding's scope includes all features and capabilities of all known solutions and fulfills all needs that those solutions are aiming at.

* GreenFunding is the only solution that fulfills the basic requirement that money should inherently insure perceived value stability in order to perform its primary economic role, acting as stores of value to facilitate trade.

* Unlike 10 or 30 year Govt. bond purchased at a premium or discount in the market based on supply, demand and risk perceptions of the bond issuer delivering the annual interest payments and principal, the GreenFunding value is stable and is tradeable and redeemable.

* GreenFunding is the only solution that may enjoy the benefits of the blockchain, but is not dependent on its stability/security, and will be operational and effective even if/when the blockchain will be breached or hacked (while in other solutions – holders of the proposed coins bear the ultimate risk that their coins will vanish, once the blockchain is breached).

* Unlike other solutions, GreenFunding is not dependent on erosive encryption and is undefeatable against all known cyber threats, resisting future attacks by people much smarter than us, immune against money laundering, fraud and misuse of the money.

The outcome of the GreenFunding project, which is based on a top notch security technology, is energy-backed-currency that acts as a store of value, using clean renewable electricity delivery assets, with long term stability. GreenMoney could be delivered in real time simultaneously with consumption/transfer of electricity. The GreenMoney can hold economic value more effectively than gold or debt backed currencies, due to value stability and resistance to devaluations and speculations, while delivering more environmental and social utilitarian value.ragraph here.